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power of console.dir

The power of console.dir for Nested Objects in JavaScript

JavaScript developers often find themselves navigating through complex data structures and nested objects during the debugging process. While the console.log statement is a common go-to for logging information, there’s a hidden gem that can significantly enhance your debugging experience: console.dir.   The Basics of console.dir The console.dir method is part of the JavaScript console API,…

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Javascript Python

Use Cases for JavaScript and Python

JavaScript and Python are two popular programming languages, each with its own unique strengths and ideal use cases.   JavaScript Use Cases (Frontend and Backend): It’s the language of the browser, enabling dynamic and interactive web applications. Javascript excels in various domain including: Web Development: JavaScript is the backbone of modern web development. Frameworks like…

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JS ES2022

New features in ES2022 JavaScript

Check out the features incorporated and usable in our JavaScript projects in the ES2022 version of ECMAScript, released this year. Features of ES2022 Top-level await Private instance fields, methods, and accessors Static class fields and methods Static class initialization blocks Error: .cause Array, String, and TypedArray: .at() Method Object: .hasOwn() RegExp: match .indices (‘d’ flag)…

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One-Liners in JavaScript

  JavaScript can do a lot of things. Here is a list of one-liners you should know to become a JavaScript pro.   1. Swap variables

  2. Unique Elements Javascript has its own implementation of Hashmap known as Set.

  3. Detect Dark Mode Now a days it is common to add…

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Factory Functions in JavaScript

Factory functions in JavaScript returns an object that can be reused for making multiple instances of the same object. It can additionally accept arguments permitting you to customize the returned object. JavaScript factory functions have the same functionality that a class function or a constructor has, but instead of using the “new” keyword while creating an object…

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JS ES2021

New features in ES2021 JavaScript

Features of ES2021 replaceAll() Promise.any &&=, ||= and ??= Numeric separators   String replaceAll() Method JavaScript string has a replace() method. It can be used to replace a string with another string.

The replace() method only replaces the first occurrence. That is the reason the second occurrence of dog is not replaced. We can use a regular…

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Using AJAX in WordPress

What is AJAX? AJAX is a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery code that enables to send data to a script, next to receive it and process the response without reloading the page. How AJAX works in WordPress? WordPress Ajax acts as a special Ajax dedicated WordPress action and is capable of handling the server…

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