JavaScript Git repos

Git repositories Javascript developer should know

As a JavaScript developer, mastering version control with Git is essential for efficient collaboration and project management. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, familiarizing yourself with key Git repositories can enhance your skills and streamline your workflow. Let’s explore ten must-know Git repositories every JavaScript developer should explore: 1. Node.js Node.js is a…

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New features in ES2023 JavaScript

ES2023 is the version of ECMAScript released in this year. Checkout features that have been incorporated and could be used in our Javascript projects. Features of ES2023 Find array from the last Hashbang Grammer Symbol as WeakMap keys Change array by copy   Find array from the last The findLast() method will allow us to find…

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Hash Passwords in Node.js

What is bcrypt? Bcrypt is a password hashing algorithm designed by Niels Provos and David Mazières based on the Blowfish cipher. The name “bcrypt” comprises two parts: “b” representing Blowfish and “crypt,” which denotes the hashing function utilized by the Unix password system. This blog will show you how to use bcrypt password hashing with the…

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Differences Between Docker and Kubernetes

In the world of containerization and orchestration, Docker and Kubernetes are now an essential technologies. While both facilitate managing and deploying containers, they serve different purposes and operate at different levels of the container stack.   Docker Docker is a platform for building, sharing, and running containers. It provides tools for creating container images from…

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npm and its different dependencies

What is npm? npm stands for Node Package Manager. It’s a registry for JavaScript software packages and a place for developers to find, build, and manage code packages. A typical Nodejs, Angular, React project has multiple packages and those are defined in the package.json file.  These packages can be differentiated as dependencies, devDependencies, peerDependencies and…

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Hello World in Angular

In this blog, we’ll guide you through the process of setting up a basic Angular application and displaying your first “Hello World” message.   Prerequisite: Node.js and npm: Angular relies on Node.js and npm (Node Package Manager). Ensure it’s on your machine before diving into the world of Angular. Visit to download and follow…

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Hello World in React.js

React.js enables user interface development by creating interactive components. These components are constructed using JavaScript, making it easy to build dynamic web applications. React.js is widely used due to its flexibility and efficiency in managing complex interfaces. It allows developers to create reusable UI components, simplifying the development process. Additionally, React.js utilizes a virtual DOM,…

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power of console.dir

The power of console.dir for Nested Objects in JavaScript

JavaScript developers often find themselves navigating through complex data structures and nested objects during the debugging process. While the console.log statement is a common go-to for logging information, there’s a hidden gem that can significantly enhance your debugging experience: console.dir.   The Basics of console.dir The console.dir method is part of the JavaScript console API,…

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